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Solar Impulse 2


At  approximately:


UTC -10


local time in Honolulu I watched the Solar Impulse 2 take off from Kalaeloa Airport  Oahu.

Bertrand climbed as, the sun rose in parallel, in the most graceful snails pace towards the Northeast. As he reached ~ 100 feet it was easy to see the rear control surfaces change direction and he made a slow level turn towards the South, skirting Barbers point and heading East again, towards the sunrise.

The slow ‘womp… womp… womp’ of the propellers was the most reassuring noise, as he passed close over the spectators area. It was akin to the unstoppable might of a perpetual motion machine.

Movie of takeoff

We can harness the roaring fusion reactor in out little corner of the Universe. We can  advance our civilization into the next epoch without burning the remains of the past.


Follow the trip, including live video and communications from the solar impulse website.


Happy Earth Day Y’all

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