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Big Bend National Park Texas

In March of 2011 a good friend and I visited Texas for the first time. We drove a smart car all over the state, spent some quality time in Big Bend National Park, and than rocked out at SXSW.

The park encompasses Chisos Mountain range and a swath of the Chihuahuan Desert, as well as the Rio Grande. No one ever goes to a National Park and thinks, well this landscape is boring. The following pictures are taken within the park.




Prickly Pear cactus (Opuntia sp.), in the desert.

The Chisos mountains, looking North into the central basin where the main campground and National Park buildings are. The snaking line in the center is a road not a river.




Taken in the interior of the Chisos mountains, south rim trail. The presence of these trees illustrates the biogeographical proprieties of the mountains, as they have much milder temperatures than the surrounding desert. Allowing for flora which would perish in the desert.


Deer, near the entrance of the trail, notice the winter coat.


Ocotillo Fields (Fouquieria splendens). Native to area, a magnificent desert plant which contains chlorophyll in its bark, and flowers with the spring rains. Looking out over the vast fields and passing fossil dig sites, I couldn’t help but imagine ancient shallow seas and gorgonias fields of tropical reefs.



Because the canoe rental company had an official policy that they could put a canoe on any car.

Somewhere in Western Texas, between Lubbock and Big Bend, a gentleman in a large pickup truck looked over from pumping his gas and said to me “you got a lot of gumption driving that thing here”. Except he didn’t say gumption, he used a nontechnical term for male anatomy.













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